the guy who saids he's the fastest thing around, sonic, has a bit of a rivalry against the one and only, mario.

Sonic wikia

clothes: red shoes career: hero

sonic's friendsEdit

  1. mario (sort of)
  2. Luigi
  3. pikachu
  4. Shadow (sort of)
  5. and the other cast members except for the villains

sonic's enimiesEdit

  1. Mario (sort of)
  2. shadow (sort of)
  3. bowser
  4. goomba
  5. koopa (sort of)
  6. enderman
  7. creeper
  8. mirror K

sonic triviaEdit

  • sonic fourmed an alience with luigi and pikachu and promised them that they will go to the finals together. (total plush island)
  • sonic got 2nd place and losed from pikachu in total plush island.

Mrsatern100 cast

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