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the hero of the mushroom kingdom, mario, is the right plumber for the job of saving Princess peach from the king koopa himself, bowser!

mario's friendsEdit

  1. luigi
  2. Princess peach
  3. yoshi
  4. koopa (sort of)
  5. the angry birds
  6. sonic
  7. shadow (sort of)
  8. and mostly everyone else except for the villains

mario's enimiesEdit

  1. bowser
  2. goomba
  3. koopa (sort of)
  4. enderman
  5. creeper
  6. shadow (sort of)
  7. and every single other villain

mario triviaEdit

  • mario got 15th place in total plush island.
  • mario got poisoned from a strip of gum that secretly had poison powder (that bowser made) in it! (i was a poisoned plumber)
  • mario and peach broke up because of a green guy, and no one knows how they got back together.

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